Bathmate Hydro Pump Review

If you are sick and tired of being dumped by your girlfriend, or you just want to have a better sex life, then you should try the device called Bathmate Hydro Pump.  This is reputed to be the best selling male enhancement pump today. In this Bathmate Hydro Pump review, we examine its pros and cons and more importantly, reveal whether this penis enhancer really works in making dicks bigger.

This hydro pump is just one of the countless male enhancement devices being sold on the Internet. There are no official figures on how big the male sexual enhancement industry is, but it is safe to say that it produces millions in profits worldwide every year. But of the many penis enlargement products sold online, only a few can match Bathmate.

What is Bathmate?

What is Bathmate?As you would learn from any Bathmate review, this is a revolutionary device with an engineered tube designed to create a partial vacuum around the dick. Bathmate uses water to create a strong and solid vacuum, and this induces the penis to expand beyond its normal size.

Bathmate is essentially a penis pump which is well-received by the scientific community as perhaps the only non-invasive method effective in improving the length and girth of a dick. Penis pumps are not only designed for enhancing a cock’s size but also for treating erectile dysfunction.

How Does It Work?

Bathmate is to be used while taking a bath. For best results it is recommended you use this device for 15 minutes, and for three to four times in a week.

So how do you use it? Once you are in the bath tub place the device underwater until it gets filed with water. Then put your penis inside the Bathmate.

Push Bathmate up and down until it is firmly against the base of your member, and you can feel a vacuum inside your penis. Remove surplus water by turning on the pressure release valve located at the top of the pump.

Once you feel the vacuum firmly in grip and your manhood firmly in place, let five minutes pass without doing anything. On the sixth minute mark, pump Bathmate down to force your penis to expand, and releasing water from the top of the pump.

After 15 minutes, release the pressure valve and remove the device from your penis. You would notice a slight increase in the length of your package, albeit this is temporary. However, regular use of the hydro pump can change your fortunes and give you up to four inches extra length, if you are lucky enough. But at the very least, expect to get at least an inch in length for your dick.

What Are Its Pros?

What Are Its Pros?There are many advantages of using Bathmate instead of other penis pumps, or any penis enlargement supplement for that matter.

One advantage is that it lets the entire penis to get a full ‘workout.’ This is critical in improving the length of the dick, which rests on making the corpora cavernosa stronger and more capable of getting more blood to flow in. The corpora cavernosa is an erectile tissue where blood flows in during a sexual stimulation, and causing erections in the process.

Bathmate also allows for an even expansion of the penis, while reducing the chances that it would bend due to frequent pumping. The pumping system and valve mechanism of Bathmate also facilitates easier flow of blood in and out of the penis.

Arguably the biggest advantage of Bathmate is the use of hydropower. Compared to air, water creates a more powerful vacuum. In turn, hydropower produces greater power that is beneficial in working out the penis.

Bathmate is also very convenient to use. You can use it while in the bathtub or in the shower. It is so easy to put your penis inside it, as you could do so in a matter of second and using only one hand. And because it has very few moving parts, the device is basically maintenance-free.

It won’t cause any skin irritation as it is made of a high grade, safe rubber compound.  It won’t make your skin sore even after a 20 minute session. It has a quick release valve for fast release of the vacuum.

Eventually, Bathmate can make you more confident again. You no longer have to deal with the insecurities brought about by having a small dick. Your self confidence will be given a huge lift, and you’ll feel that you can make any woman fall for you especially if she sees what you have inside your pants.

What Are Its Cons?

Bathmate is not available in drug stores and brick and mortar stores. You can only buy it online.

The price may be too high for you especially if you are on a budget. But think about how Bathmate can practically change your life for the better, and you would realize that the amount you would shell out for this product is peanuts compared to the benefits you’ll gain from using it later on.

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About It?

What Do Other Consumers Have to Say About It?There are a lot of positive reviews on Bathmate coming from guys who said they were able to add at least an inch to their dick’s length after using this pump.

“I have a four inch dick and I obviously want it to be longer. My girlfriends have never admitted it to me, but I know that my lack of size is the main reason they’ve left me. I’ve tried everything—pills, potions, and enlargers.

But everything changed when I used this pump. After three months of regular use, my girl said she thinks my penis has grown an inch or two in length. I’m so happy.”– Lester, 49

“I first heard about it from my friend. He said he’s getting laid a lot after he used the pump regularly for three months. I was curious so I tried. I think my dick’s at least an inch longer these days. And I’m getting a lot of one-night stands, so I guess my gamble paid off.”– Marc, 38

Should You Try It?


It’s obvious just by reading this Bathmate Hydro Pump review that this penis pump can make your dick longer safely and effectively. Give it a try!